Choosing The Middle Class Accommodation

Vacations should be a renewable restful and relax at the same time different, unique and special. The choice of a hotel, a vacation home or an apartment rental can make all the difference. Indeed, the hotel does everything for you: we do not have to worry about cleaning, and if we are full board, so not with food. Arthur Winn is one of the respected names in this industry. A Good choice of accommodation will make your vacation an exquisite one.

General information

apartment rentalMoreover, this stewardship has its limitations: we must wake up early, if we take breakfast, which is not always what we like, we must leave the room to do the cleaning and this usually in the morning and know when to more sleep after a night out. We cannot do a relaxed dinner with friends, the sound of our music. If we are children, we share the same cramped space for 1 or 2 weeks: see at night a little TV or stay in the conversation, when it gets to go home…

Apartment rental

Choose an apartment that has enough space for everyone, and it is completely furnished, with bed linen and bath towels and the basic kitchen: plates, glasses, cutlery, pans, and cooking utensils, miscellaneous. It is important that it has necessary products such as lamps to change, toilet paper, detergents/dishwasher and cleaning – unless you hired a cleaning service is always a little silly to go on holiday and take half the house ago, afraid that there is nothing! For much television is essential and if you travel with children toys number may be that the owners have some! If you have a balcony or terrace can be that you can grill! Ask if you can have a grill!

Additional costs

Good apartment rental has all the additional costs included: water, electricity, gas, cable TV. You may have to pay extra for cleaning or a Deposit out of hours. It may also be required a security deposit to remedy the damage caused during the stay. Usually, the stay is paid in full at the entrance and usually in cash, after an initial reserve of about 30% of the total amount.

A holiday home with pool

A Vacation ideal is one that preferably has a pool, for some even a heated pool! Even outdoors! It is a rest and comfort only. But of course, not forgetting that a pool requires more responsibility in the case of children. In this case, it is desirable to require some protection to the owners of the house.


The great advantage of a vacation home is undoubtedly space. Often has a garden, private surroundings, ideal for children or animals, to travel with them – but the arrival of these also depends on the owners! Check first if they accept animals! With divisions better insulated, warm evenings to spend with friends, while children are asleep! Do not forget the good whiskey or port, because you can take advantage of the company, after knowing that we will not do the road, turning the holiday into a single period of living together is sometimes difficult over time work.


sofa in the roomDue to the larger space of the holiday home, you can also take another major advantage, by occupying it with friends or family, low cost, since it can split the costs among themselves. In other words, you can access the villas of high quality for the same price! Cheap Holidays can, therefore, be synonymous with excellent holiday with comfort and luxury