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Landscaping Ideas Using Decorative Pebbles

Are you planning to transform your garden? There are many different ways to achieve this objective. Landscaping is all about creativity. One of the best ways to get creative as far as landscaping is concerned is to use decorative pebbles. Here are some landscaping tips for homeowners planning to use decorative stones on their patios.colorful pebbles

Add Style

Decorative pebbles are known to offer a unique sense of aesthetic appeal. Overall, the use of decorative stones that are perfect for landscaping injects some natural style into your garden. The two main options that are known to make a garden look stylish include river pebbles and boulders. Pebbles work incredibly well when placed around plants while boulders and rocks can be used as focal points in the garden.

Improve Drainage

Decorative pebbles can be a great solution if you need to fix some drainage issues around your garden. These stones not only enhance drainage, but they also save your structures from the risk of water damage. Pea gravel is a beautiful decorative stone that is known to offer superior drainage properties. This type of pebble is mostly used around flowerbeds. Its rounded shape makes it unsuitable for supporting garden furniture or even usage around the driveway.

Control Weed

Decorative pebbles can also be used for weed control. If you are struggling with weeds, they are certainly an incredible alternative for plant-based mulch. Slate chips or pieces of betoken slates are a fantastic landscape solution for anyone looking for a solution against weeds. The decorative stones will help keep unwanted weeds down and confine moisture on the found. They are available in different shades, which makes them a practical alternative as far as aesthetics are concerned.

Beautify Driveways and Areas Around the Patio

Decorative stones can be used on the driveway or around the patio. It is worth noting that not all stones are suitable for these areas. Crushed gravel, for instance, works incredibly well for driveways considering that these stones meld incredibly well with each other. Another decent alternative is decomposed granite, which is a lot finer and more stable.landscaping pebbles

Thus, you need to do your homework to ensure you can strike a fine balance between these two parameters.