Things to consider on choosing the right painting service provider

There are some things to consider on choosing the best painting service provider. This has to be carefully done because providers do not deliver on what they purport to do. The following considerations have to be looked into:

Compliance and Certification

certified-paperAll providers have to meet certain minimum requirements of the local authority. Compliance with the laws and regulations will lead to some certifications being given. Different categories of providers are registered to operate within certain jurisdictions and their work rated according to the equipment and manpower they possess.

Further to this, the staff of the service providers has to comply with certain stipulations and regulations. A risk management plan should be put in place and evidence of the same provided.

The staff should also be up to date with training that are relevant to the industry. This will equip them with latest trends.Ask if there have issues with non-compliance in the past and steps and progress made in addressing them. A good provider should not shy away from providing this information.

Availability and flexibility

paintingThis is one of the key things to consider when choosing the best painting service provider. The service provider should be able to work with your schedule. You should not be inconvenienced to accommodate them. Secondly, the service provider should be available when needed. This could include at short notices.

Information flow

The first impression always last. Carefully look at the trail of communication from the time you placed a call or wrote an email inquiring about their services to the time the billed for the work. Pay attention to mundane things like response to your inquiries to the attitude of the staff of the service provider. Additionally, a good service provider shall give an easy on line access for their clients’ important queries like the that immediately gives customer support. This could also a sign that a company is legit and true to their offered services.

In case you notice there was a breakdown somewhere, then this could be a sign of difficulty ahead during the execution of the work. Their professionalism should be at the highest possible level.

Shared values

This is to ensure the service provider and you have same values. This could be established by doing both reference and background checks. Inquire and take note of their attitude towards environmental and other safety standards.

Is the service provider going beyond the minimum requirements that have been by the local authorities? If yes, this could be a pointer of a service provider that has all intent and purposes of improving the social life and conditions.

Value for money and hidden costs


Everybody has a budget and it is important that you go beyond the quotation provided. Where a block figure is given, ask for a breakdown and see whether provisions have been made for warranties, maintenance, and other emergency works.

Lack of scrutiny of the bill of works may result in you paying a lot more in the future distorting your budget. Ask the service provider on who the incidence of the tax falls. Ideally, quotations should be made a net of taxes.

In conclusion, scan the web for reviews of the client. See what clients say about the service provider and their experiences. If the reviews are very negative, it is not worth trying out the provider. You can also get a recommendation from friends and family on service providers they have dealt with in the past.