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Things You Should Know While Choosing The Best Stone Paving

The exterior part of the house does not only include garden layout, furniture, and the style, one also has to put make decisions about the materials.

The difference of various paving stones is according to maintenance, installation, and material used. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes.

It is very confusing for many when it comes to making the best decision on paving stones, and this article has a few tips on how to choose the best stone paving.

How To Choose The Best Stone Paving

Get samples

natural stoneMost stone companies will be willing to send samples of their paving. Take home as many as it is available. Study them carefully and choose the best. See if it fits with the house wall colors and other materials in the garden.

Take a look at the stone when it’s dry, also when wet as it can dramatically change.

Concrete or natural stone

For me, my choice would be natural, but there also concrete products that give value for money. Ensure any cuts are well placed that the edge of the stone is not visible, this applies to concrete products.

Smooth or textured

Riven stone tend to be inexpensive and as long as one chooses the right tone it works in most situations. Pick a sawn stone with a soft finish and sharp edges, if your choice is for a slick contemporary look.

For the people who go for a smooth stone, check first for some require being sealed after they are laid to avoid change in color (staining).

Thick or thin

This varies on where the stone is laid. A significant number of the budget stone is available only in a 25mm depth which is good for people coming and going but cannot withstand the use of vehicles.

If one decides to lay a stone on the driveway, use one with a depth of 40mm.

Texture and interest

stone floorIt is at times right to identify areas within paving, e.g. a seating area in a great vastness of paving or minor paths leading off a major pathway. For example, Sandstone can be obtained in tumbled sets so that texture and interest are added with no compromise on color.


Whether it is a walkway, garden path, the area surrounding the pool, driveway, corridors just to mention a few, get more info for the best stone as pavers give an impressive look to the surrounding.

Avoid the cheapest products get the best value for money considering the suitability of the goods and durability.