Air Conditioning Maintenance Explained

We cannot talk about air conditioner maintenance without centering on the filters. The filters determine the level of efficiency of the conditioners. This brings about the necessity for their regular cleaning or replacement. When the conditioners are dirty or clogged, normal airflow is blocked reducing their efficiency. Any obstruction in the normal air flow reduces the effectiveness of the system. Any air bypassing the filter will tag along dirt that might coalesce around the evaporator coil impairing the coil-heating ability. The act of simply replacing a clogged filter with a cleaner option can reduce your power consumption by 5 to 15 percent. This article answers the question, How to Maintain a Home Air Conditioner?


airconTypes of Conditioners

The filters within the central conditions are located along the length of their return duct. The most common filter locations are around the ceilings, furnaces, walls, or conditioner itself. The room conditioners contain filters that are mounted on the grill and face the room. Some filters can be re-used while others require replacement. The filters come in different types and level of efficiencies. It is recommended to have your filters cleaned or replaced monthly, particularly during the cool seasons. If your air conditioners are constantly in use, then it requires frequent attention. The same applies to those conditioners operating in dusty areas or homes with furry pets.

Air Conditioner Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils in air conditioners collect dirt within the months they have been in service. Clean filters prevent the evaporator coils from getting soiled. Nevertheless, the evaporator coil stills accumulate dirt and soils over time. This dirt is responsible for the reduced airflow and coil insulation. The result is a reduction in the heat loss capability. Regularly checking your evaporator coil every year can help alleviate this problem. The outdoor condenser versions are highly prone to accumulating dirt. This covers environments full of dirt or foliage. At this point, you will only notice the condenser coil and any dirt accumulated on the fins. To minimize debris and dirt close to the condenser unit, falling leaves, dryer vents, and lawn mowers are potential sources of dirt and debris. A good clean around the area surrounding your coil removes any debris trimming the foliage back allowing sufficient airflow through this condenser.


Coil Fins

The aluminum fins on the condenser coils and evaporator can easily bend blocking air flowing via the coil. The air conditioning wholesalers retail a fin comb that combs back the fins to a point close to their original condition.


Condensate Drains

A stiff wire can be passed through the unit drain channels. The clogged channels will safeguard the unit from reduced humidity resulting in excessive moisture that discolors the carpet and walls.


window sealRoom Air Conditioning Window Seals

As the cooling season starts, it’s a great time to inspect the air seals positioned between the window frames and air conditioners. The aim is to ensure there is contact with the unit metal case. Remember, moisture is notorious for damaging these seals allowing air to escape.



For those whose air conditioning require regular maintenance, the services of a professional technician is highly advisable. They are best suited to fix all your air conditioning requirements.